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What have u done for your bike today??

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I'm starting this in case one day i'm looking for something to do for my bike and I have no motivation. A couple words with a picture or 2 might give someone the iniciative to start a new mod or even wash his or her bike.
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I'll start, today I installed my PCIII I got for my birthday. I noticed the difference, doesn't make the same growl when I hit the throttle hard at low RPM's.


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I took it for a ride, and checked the tire pressure when I got home! :001_cool:

I should do that more often, I was down about 5lbs in front... in fact last sunday I was missing some air from the front, too. seems I may have picked up a small leak! :blink:
All I did today was lube my chain, but I did it while I was riding it. :D

Washed it yesterday after a ride on Skyline Drive in Virginia:thumbup1:
Yesterday was oil and filter change day. And I ordered a Soundgate for the Goldwing last week and it should be here tomorrow. The Soundgate is direct connect interface for iPods and iPhones. It plugs into the factory CD player plug and allows you to use an iPod through the bike's audio system, and change songs, volume, etc with the controls on the left-side grip that are meant for the (optional) Honda CD changer. And the interface charges the Apple device and pauses music when switching to and from AM/FM or XM radio.

Should be an awesome addition for touring duty! :)


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I'll start, today I installed my PCIII I got for my birthday. I noticed the difference, doesn't make the same growl when I hit the throttle hard at low RPM's.
Nice! Maybe you'll be able to keep up with me now. :beehive: It may also help with your mileage.
i rode my bike to go have lunch with my mom.does that count? its like takeing the dogs out for a walk right.
Ummm Got board so stuck some pinstripe on the bike just to see what it looked like :bugeyes: Only had red here but would like to try yellow as well just to get an idea.... only took 20 min and will only take 1 min to tear off :innocent:
Thought i better add a pic lol......


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I installed my center stand (sorry no pics), it was a bit of a PITA but I really like it, I just wish I new why the instructions had me take the rear cowl off
Yesterday I made a bracket to mount my new Stebel horn. I'm discretely hanging it off one of the main stand mounts under the bike. Stealth - until I push the loud button!

Next up is to extend the stock horn wiring and run in under the tank down to the horn.

May as well change the water while the tank is up too.
Thought i better add a pic lol......
I like the wheels
Oil and filter. Cleaned up the scratches from last years astrovan encounter and painted. Installed new cowl from said encounter. Packed fresh grease into the rear bearings ran out of time for the fronts that's for tomorrow will get some pics tomorrow maybe. It's always dirty since I live quite a ways down gravel.

Oh yeah clean and lubed chain and put on a few coats of wax too. Need to remember to flip The PCIII back over before I leave out tomorrow or the frame will be deprogramming me as I ride. I use the rubber band deal under the seat to hole it in place. Putting a sticky note up on the monitor now to remind me and on the tread mill. I'm a forgetful idget especially in the morning.
Thought i better add a pic lol......
I like the wheels the rest I wold ditch. Just my honest opinion.

I know they make a reflective pin striping in red I [plan on putting on the wheels to make it more noticeable especially at night. Any one know w4ere to get said striping?
Well, i washed the Shadow and the 919, diagonsed an electrical issue for the CB500T, and rode the C70 and oft neglected Super Cub. No love for the CB750 today.
I licked her. Then I rode her... hard.
I installed the mirrors that just arrived yesterday, they look very close to the z1000 mirrors for sale in the classified section.
I rode her hard. I'm looking out the window and might go hop up on the rear tire, hang on to the grab rail, and hump the carbon out of the pipes.
At 47K, the '03 919 was due for:

Oil and filter change.

Fresh Rubber (F/R) PR2's

Cleaned up the front calipers and replaced pads.

New rear wheel bearings(sprocket hub bearing was fine).

Replaced rear caliper(another story) and installed new pads.

Took it out Sunday for 311 mile day trip up through the Catskill Mountains.

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I picked it up in a parking lot that it got knocked over in
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