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jetblast10 said:
SWEET! Those were from two different races, how did it go?
Oh ya, the story of the actual racing.

Well as you can see by the pictures there was some dry time and wet time. All Saturday rained so the slicks never even made it on the bike. Lucky me I only had practice that day and no races. The track was very wet the first session out and I hadn’t been on the track since back in October of 2005 so I wasn’t looking to be blazing fast. But I’m a racer and I can’t just go slow so... throttle to the stop!

First lap in and I fog up my shield, can’t see jack! Kinda sketchy going 150+ down the front straight in the rain and you cant see anything but mist and a fogged up visor. Common sense had me pull in and switch helmets to the one with the Fog City Shield. I only got 2 laps after that, session over.

For the next session I had gone to the track side vendor and got another Fog City Shield for the new Lid. No more problems. Back out on the track which is even more wet this time and its raining pretty heavy. No big deal though as the Pirelli Full rains off plenty O' grip and the track surface is grip as well. The only "fun" part was through the kink in the front straight which had some nice puddles. This made the front end hydro plane and it shook the bars pretty good. A bit un-nerving at speed but you get used to it after a few laps. Only turned a 1:46 in that session in the wet which is equal to my first ever laps there in the dry. Not bad.

Next day is dry and I get up to speed ASAP in the first and only practice session. Down to my usual 1:36's-1:37 range on slicks. good session and I can tell the extra cardio work I have been doing is already paying dividends as I am not tired at the end of the session.

First race of the day for me is up, Open GP Twins. This will be the class I have the best chance in. I am gridded on the 2nd row of 4. About 18 bikes are starting the race. Normally I am great at starts but I blew this one bad and got passed by about 5 bikes before turn 1. I got 3 of them back into turn 2 and a few more into turn 3. The leaders cleared off and I could not make any ground on them. I ended up all by myself for most of the race and finished 5th. Cool thing was I turned my fastest lap to date in the race, a 1:35:236. I know there is much more speed I can find, just need to take it to the next level.

2nd race is the 750 Superbike. This grid is much bigger as there are a ton of guys racing there 600's in this class as well. I on row 4. Lucky me, I get another shameful start. Again 2nd turn I get few back but I know this race I will be only a mid pack rider. I get into a good battle with my buddy Dave Robin's on his GSXR-600. He is very small and damn if that bike is not quick as snot. He can pull me on the straight but I can make up ground just about ever where else on the track. Its a dog fight for 10 laps. I'd get right on his back wheel only to have him pull me on the straight. This went on until lap 8 when I made up a bunch of ground on him and dove underneath him into a the Bus Stop. Of course he came back by me on the gas down the straight but his time I was much closer to him. On the very last lap, 10, I was again close enough and was going to set him up for the bus stop. It all sort of went according to plan but another rider cam around me and slow me up in the turns a bit. He dove under Dave in the bus stop which spooked him so he ran wide into the dirt giving me a chance to get past. Dave keep it up and gassed it! It was a drag race to the line. He nicked me by a nose! 17th place for me, 1 point!

Last race for me and last race of the day, the Formula Ultra. This is the cream of the crop, run what you brung, fast of the fast, lap record holder runs 1:26's in this race. My goal in this race, as was last year, is to not get lapped. I swear I need to re-learn how to launch a moto, 3rd crappy start in a row. Anyway, off we go. There are a few guys out here that I can hang with at the back of the field. We are running pretty good and I get into a battle with my buddy Damon on his GSXR-750. Damon is this tiny, jockey guy so again I am getting killed on the front straight. As usual I seem to be able to eat up these riders going into and mid corner of the turns. We battle for most of the race. I pass him going into the turns; he gets me on the way and down the front. He nicked me at the end. Other ****ty thing was I ended up getting lapped on the very last lap in the back half of the track. I was spent by then and was only turning 1:38-1:37's. Need more conditioning.

Can’t wait to get back out there on May 6-7.

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MetallicCarrot said:
So what year was Dave Robin's GSXR-600?
Also, I noticed an '06 R6 in the mist (sic). How'd that thing run?
In case you haven't noticed, I'm thinking about a 6-hunge track bike...
Inquiring minds want to know!!!!

BTW, nice write-up!!!! :D

Its a 2005 GSXR 6 I believe or... wait maybe its a new 750. I know he just got it. Now I need to find out. Okay, just checked the results and it says 750, that makes me fell a bit better.

Those little Yammy 6's are screemer's. a few of the guys in the club have them. the guy in the picutre behind me is Mike Sullivan #74. He was last years #1 plate holder and is the track record holder. In that sesion he never passed me in the rain. Kinda makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Rain is the great equalizer! I think I always want it to rain!
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