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I am going to Jennings in March, here is my Timeline.

Sunday March 12th, 6:30 pm, I will be at a wedding in Norfolk VA.
after wedding start drive to Florida.

Monday March 13th, 9am, bikes are rolling at Jennings. (I believe I am going to skip this day, sucks cause I prepaid)
***Alternative plans, March 13th, mosey down to Florida

Tuesday March 14th, 9am, I will be rolling at Jennings.

Wednesday-Friday - no plans, but i am in Florida.
I am thinking about Savannah, GA for St Patrick's Day.

Open to ideas for Wed and Thurs....

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Don't be crazy, make it to registration Monday morning, put in some earplugs and nap until you're recovered then at least get the afternoon in.

Wednesday and Thursday? Myrtle Beach for some golf and go-carts.

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Are you driving alone? If not, can't you get the person you're with to drive the last few hours so you can nap before the track day? If not, I would do what CMulford says and nap a bit in the morning.

As for the other days, hell I have no idea!!
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