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Here is my track schedule....

April 3rd VIR N
April 10th and 11th VIR N
May 12th and 13th Barber
May 27 VIR S
May 29 VIR N
July 29 VIR S
July 31 VIR N
Sept 4 VIR N
Oct 2 VIR N
Nov 13 VIR N

The first three lines are set in stone. The rest might change by adding a day at Summit and dropping a VIR date.

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looks like a team promo kinda spring...i'll be at several of those dates...including rogue beeeches :D

what's up, you don't want to drive to Beaverun, Summit or Pocono ??!?! lol

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That's it?

You need to step it up and drop about 10 more in there, hahaha! I'll be hitting everything I can until the money runs out. Nesba, CS, TPM, whoever as long as it's a decent track.

Looking to get back to Barber and to hit Road Atlanta this year for a couple two dayers. Then up to Summit to check out that course with TPM.

See you on skid row!

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DJ business is keeping me busy on the weekends so not too many days scheduled right now. It will eventually pay for a couple dirt bikes and a back up street/track bike for us.

Right now the only definite is Mid-Ohio April 29th. New pavement!! Looking at others. Need to check other organizations. You need to bring that crazy new scoot to the Gap when we come Mike!
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