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Well, I decided today on the way to my parents house I would go down at least two new roads. I am much more confident doing this with the Tiger than the RC. I would find myself barrelling down a road I do not know to come up on pot holes, gravel, etc....

First new road on my trip was no road at all. I was going down a country backroad (same road I almost hit a cow on last year with the RR) when I saw a fresh cut through. Couldn't see where it went and I cruised on by. I looked at my ODO and saw 950 miles. Looked at my gas gauge and saw "F"


I turned back around to the clearing and looked for a no tresspassing sign. Saw none. Looked for any reason to not do it.... couldn't see any reason why not. Didn't get too far down the clearing, but far enough to not be able to see the road. With thundstorms rolling through the past few days, it required lots of planning to get my "clean" bike through the ruts and debris. I came up on a huge mud hole that appears to be 20 yards or so to cross and decided this was a good spot to turn around. One the way back, i hit a huge hole that bounced me up off the seat. I was standing suddenly, unplanned. I finished dodging stumps and holes and came back up on the road.

Continued to try three or more real roads waiting to break 1000 miles. Had a great Easter lunch at my folks and cruised home for a nap.
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