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SportyChick said:
That makes no sense!
what, you're not a Dan Fogelberg fan?!?!?

quick hijack...

ran into tim weisberg one night in the middle of nowhere, he was wasted and pissed off that Fogelberg was headlining in Philly and gettin all the chicks...tim kept stumblin up to people and hollarin

"do you know who i am?!"
"do you know who i am?!?!?!"

they'd say "No" and he'd just get more and more mad :D it was pretty funny

"i made that album !!"
"that's my face on the cover!!"
"i'm tim weishberg a famoush...hiccup...musishen...i should be gettin the chicks....but nooooo, they all want dan...hiccup...bastard, i oughtta leave the tour...hiccup...i'm the one w/ the talent...hiccup" lol

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Well.. I reorganized the folder structure of my files available via the web. It's not a true website as far as html goes.. it's just a way for me to store files and make them available from anywhere in the world. I also hide the folders by renaming with a period in front... like this http://www.domain/.hidden_folder. I did this because I was being indexed by Google and I had too many leeches sucking my bandwidth trying to get a copy of the Honda CB900F PDF manual. I am just on a cable modem. so, to answer your question.. I don't know. I may make the folders/files available on a limited basis.. but for now.. things are hidden.

Oh.. almost forgot. I will send you anything you want as far as pictures on the centerstand mod or anything else I have. Maybe you need them for a write-up on ?
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