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2002 919, Asphalt
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After 14 years, my Stebel Nautilus air horn died. So I simply replaced it. Thought I'd snap some shots of my installation in case anyone was looking for ideas.

Simple angle iron (1X1X1/8), 2 1/2 in long. Three holes, one for the engine mount bolt, one for the horn itself and a small through bolt to mount the relay and ground the horn itself.

Guitar accessory Wood Ruler Rectangle Tool

Here's the (old) assembly, on the bench.
Camera accessory Gas Cable Electric blue Strap
Automotive tire Saw Automotive lighting Fishing reel Power tool

A fused line (horn pulls 18A) back to the battery. I lengthened the factory horn wires, using spade connectors to connect to the (supplied) relay.
Final installation.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wheel Vehicle Automotive exterior

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Tire Automotive design Tread

I removed the nut on the upper right hand engine mount bolt, put the horn assembly in place and re-torque.

I did add a hose for the air intake that runs up and behind the frame cross tube to help keep trash out of the horn.

Horn cost me $50. It is worth every penny! It sounds like a semi and will definitely get people's attention.

(Yea... I know.. bike needs a good cleaning!)

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Nice and tidy install.
It begs for a write-up and posting to the Dropbox.
Anything else you think you'd like to add in?

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Nice job - I've been using a pair of Stebel Magnums because I didn't think any of the other types would fit. Good work!
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