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Ok, I bit the bullet on some 900rr headers on ebay, so in order to fund this project, I'm offering up my Sato Carbon Fiber cans. I got them used in excellent condition and haven't added a scratch to them, so still in excellent shape. Previous owner said he had only 2k miles on them and I've only added about 1k.

I don't even need to mention how these sound. Just youtube it or read the forums. My fellow 9'er rider loves riding behind me just so he can listen.

Can straps are included and I've had them powdercoated black. All brackets and bolts included as well of course.

Sato doesn't make them anymore so these are rare, I looked forever to find them. I even used some Blue Job to clean up the stainless around the welds and they shine really nice. I don't have the heat shields, though.

I am willing to trade, if anybody has anything I might be looking for:

1. Scorpion Extreme Carbon Fiber can (for single 900rr header exhaust. I want the one with both the cf wrap and cf tip, and I know those are pricey. I'm not assuming anyone here has one, just throwing wishes out there.) This is the can I want: (looks sweet, I know).

Heck, if anybody can even find me a good price on that can (lowest I've found with a 63mm inlet bore was about $540) I'll make good on a very reasonable offer for the Sato's.

2. Sato or comparable (Rizoma?) rearsets.

3. Sargent Seat (Corbin is a maybe, although I like the looks of Sargent more).
4. Any comparable compilation of: Stainless brake lines, sprocket/chain conversion kit, Givi bags or luggage, tires, etc.

It's probably easiest just to sell these outright and then go buy the can I need, but I'm always up for a good barter first.

I will try and get pics up tonight and maybe a sound clip up in a few days for those interested.

I'm not going to put a price up yet; let me know what you want to trade or give me a cash offer; nothing reasonable refused.

I got these pipes from a fellow WT'er, so they are staying in 'the family' if they go here! Here is the thread where I got them:

They've been garage kept the entire time I've had them and will be cleaned before shipping. I will pay for shipping on any reasonable offer.

Please note: I can't get rid of these until I get my other can or at least have it ordered, so please don't ask if I can ship these out asap. I have to have my bike to get to work.

Thanks for looking guys and safe riding!
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