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I just realized we lost the post on general rules of the road so I'm recreating it and making a sticky.

Welcome to Wrist Twisters
All riders are welcome here. It's not a sportbike site, or a chopper site - it's a riders site and all riders are welcome here. It's from diversity that we grow and live so this site is welcome to all riders.

Just a few simple rules to keep things on track...
1. No nudity. This site will remain safe for family and work so nudity / porn / overly suggestives pictures, etc. aren't welcome here. Lots of places on the internet to get your porn fix, let's keep this one clean.

2. To advertisers, retail sellers, people who derive income from selling products or services to people. This is not a free ride for marketing. This website isn't free to provide and our sponsors help foot the bill, they deserve the protection of their investment and will receive it. Our members deserve the best service at fair prices and all unapproved advertising will be deleted without notice. Contact the administrator if you have an interest in sponsoring the website.

3. Blatant racism, harassment, vulgar flaming, etc. will not be tolerated and posts may be edited without notice.

4. Theft and dishonesty will be exposed at every possible opportunity. Do not attempt to steal from our members. We are connected to the motorcycling world on many levels and will not tolerate theives in our midst.

5. Police bashing will not be tolerated. We encourage all riders to enjoy the sport while complying with your local laws.

This is an open public forum. What you type can and may be read by many people so protect your interests. For your own protection do not post information that people could use in a manner you do not wish.

Lastly, enjoy your time here. You'll find the members a diversified group of people, many of whom have known each other for years. Ride well and keep the rubber side down.

Welcome and enjoy!
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Not open for further replies.