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OK - internet tough guy. I will.


Found it myself:
The following is a list of paint codes and color sources that have been helpful finding a match for paint used by Ducati over the years. Most of these are for the more “modern” models. PAINT MANUFACTURER – PPG COLOR / PAINT CODE PPG / Metallic Black / 291.500 PPG / Ducati Red / 473.101 PPG / Ducati Yellow / 473.201 PPG / Metallic Grey / 291.601 PPG / Ducati Metallic Blue / 291.800 PPG / Dark (Senna) Gray/ PPG 0017 PPG / Gray Steel / 223.647 PPG / Titanium / 291.600

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Another option that most paint shops offer, is a color match. If you take a piece in with the desired color, they use a specialized camera to pull out the correct mix of colors. I did this with my '00 R1, and the local paint shop matched the blue perfectly. The paint wasn't cheap, cuz it was a specific blend with metallic, but worth it to have the color match so well.

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SportyChick said:
Oh gawd, Kevin is talking to himself again.............
Bumping the post #'s.

A good painter will match it with a chip book. The light bouncing deal is OK but there are a couple things that'll change the finish. Base coat and primer, and the clear coat.

As a side note, just about every painter is crazy.
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