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Been a while since we have seen some of your 919's....
So lets see them....

Check my site for pictures of mine. And NO i'm not going to be getting any yellow I like yellow, but not that

Just have to dial in my new f4i forks and I'll be all set. Next mod....Sato's. Once i get those, I'll be a happy

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very tough looking 9r bigass :) I was afraid of it.

nice job on the rr too squidly... btw... I sold my 900rr in the fall, just the 919 and the 750 interceptor now... :( I hated to see it go but ... economics are not what they used to be... Thanks to china and GM being RETARDED.

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It's nice alright,but no matter how good your bike is... The rider can still wad it up when he has a brainfart LOL

Got updated SBK valving & anti-dive shim stacks in the Ohlins forks now & she's better than ever plus I have spares now too ;) just waiting on the season to start March 18 :D



BigAss's 919 gives me some new ideas.... :eek:

Here is my 919. Bought it used last July. 900RR exhaust is on the way. Wife can't figure out why the stock parts need to be replaced....


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Thanks guys - Hoping to do something about those but ugly blinkers soon!

as for the avatar... I have not yet been able to find any pictures of Hotties on a 919, and currently it's too damn cold up here to get anyone from my harem to pose on mine. You guys ever found the standard picture of a hottie streached out on a 919?
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