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Hey folks! I had been browsing used bike listings for a few months when I saw a clean-looking silver 2004 on ADVrider, a mere 90 minutes away in the Chicago suburbs. Met the seller (nice guy going by the handle ahung12) and saw the bike (just as nice as it looked in the photos), and by Thursday night it was on a trailer headed back to my place.

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We arranged the sale through ADVrider but you might recognize it from the thread in the Classifieds here as well. I spent some time browsing here on WristTwisters and saw the wealth of information you guys have shared over the years, so I knew I'd be signing up myself.

This is my third bike, after the '19 MT-07 above which I bought new, and a '99 GS500 I owned briefly in college. I'm really excited about this summer, getting to know the Honda and hopefully riding both bikes a ton. I've always loved Hondas from this era and I'm glad to give this one a good home.
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