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Good eye, mate!
I didn't catch that.
Looks like a breakout but still some threaded hole remaining.
As for the case deforming, my guess is that it'd crack before deforming - such a thin section there.
The bike has some history, no question of that.
Trust all is well at your end.
All good here me old mate. Honey season is coming to an end. Busy on the farm now, cutting firewood for winter, fishing and riding the bikes, weather and work permitting.
How’s the busted hip? Hoping it mended well.

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Sorry to hear that, bacis. Best wishes for you and your family.
Thank you, he's out of the hospital, but not in the best of health.

I took the front sprocket off today and flipped it over. Turns out it was on backwards. In its correct position it is spaced out farther, similar to stock. The way I had it placed the chain in closer to the case. I incorrectly thought that the chain guard (which can only go on one way) was supposed to sit entirely outboard of the chain, and that my chain was sticking out too far since the guard was making contact with the outside of the chain. However, I noticed in rufftup's photo that the guide is actually supposed to line up along with the chain's rollers. That is how it sits now that I've turned the sprocket the other way.

So, all is well. Thank you all for your comments/help. And in regard to the top bolt hole for the cover being broken on my bike... it was that way when I bought it. The top 2/3rds of the hole is completely missing. I've re-built it before with epoxy and it held up for a year or so before I over-tightened the bolt and it broke again. I build it up again; we'll see how long it lasts.
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