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Hey guys! I haave tried to make this post before, but for some reason it was never approved, But I think we got that straightened out.. I just wanted to share my bike.. and some things I have done to it.
this is my 2006 919 that I picked up on a trade for an old fishing boat. The bike has a little over 45k.
things I have done:
-Swapped the big ugly Corbin seat to a stock seat (big shout out to @rufftup for all the help and generosity with the stock seat)
-created my own tidy tail with a smoked taillight with integrated signals
-changed the levers to shorty black. ( cheap ones on eBay)
-new blue led cluster lights
-led head light. With integrated signals.
  • painted the bike a Matt black finish with removal spray wrap because vinyl wrapping is hard… (wasted about $80 worth of vinyl wrap)
  • handle bar mirrors
  • and miscellaneous prices vinyl wrapped.

I added some before and after pics
Thanks for reading. It’s been fun so far

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