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SportyChick said:
None really other then the amount of money I spent on the full Moriwaki system. Love the system but man I took it up the ass paying for it!
This could be used in sooooooo many ways!

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1983 CB1000 Custom: regret selling it.

2000 Buell S3T: regret buying it. damned sexy looking bike though.

2001 RC51: Regret converting it to full track and selling off all the street parts. Bike was a serious blast (and a workout) to ride. Forced me to improve my skills.

2003 600RR: Regret polishing the bolts and not clearcoating them. They developed surface rust and caused the guy who purchased it from me to replace them.

2005 BMW R1200GS - not a single regret, most useable bike I can imagine having. No modifications except the exhaust and it sounds sweet, Leo Vince titanium slipon.

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Regret Buying a 600rr with polished rotor bolts..... haha!

I do not regret buying it. That bike put things back into perspective for me. I only regret taking this long to put my RCs together right.

On my F4i, I regret selling it and also believe a 2bros slip on was a waste of money as the carbon discolored in less than three months. POS!

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I tend to regret stuff I haven't done.

I left my old VTR stock as an example. Only changed the plug in the carbs for balancing (you could get it out with a grabby instead of a screwdriver). It should have at least had slip ons!
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