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Mike, I screwed up. I went on Saturday, miss read your earlier posts. Got your message, but didn't want to call you late.

I was bit disappointed with the show this year. Didn't seem as good as previous years.
- Triumph was missing.
- Honda & H-D were very disappointing.
- Very pleased with the new ZX-14, though. XX replacement in March.
- Yamaha R6, absolutely amazing.
- Need to give Victory/Polaris kudos. They've come a long way.
- The Paul Smart Ducati gave me "wood", along with the Husky 610 Supermoto.
- Met June Ku****ani. Great guy/kid. Told me, since the 5LL suit at the show didn't fit. I would get the show special price for a custom suit when I get to their shop in Marina Del Ray.
- Partied a bit with Matt Hotch (Hot Match) after the show. Great group from Crime Inc.

All round a great day. Playing DD & nanny wasn't bad. Only sucks driving home and having everyone else snoring!!!

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XFBO said:
How did you hide your whacko mean side all these yrs Ill never know. :D
HAHAHAHA funny you should say that cause I've been hearing that a lot recently! I've been called "crazy" quite a few times in the last few weeks, not sure why..............

And I'm not mean, I'm a very nice polite person............asshat!!

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You know...Moto and I didn't even plan that! We both went to the show and met each other and guess what?? We had the same outfits on!! That might have bothered some people...not us baby....we worked with it.
Dang he's..err...I'm...err...WE are hot!

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