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I saw Elvis today...

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I saw Elvis today...we talked about women.

He was cool.

It was at the Walmart.

He looks good for 71. (think yesterday was his birthday)

I swear this is true, I could pass a lie detector test no problem.

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actually his birthday is tomorrow - the 8th. i've seen him in hawaii - no lie! i think he stays out there...
Speaking of Hawaii... I heard Jessica Alba was staying out there at the Ritz last week....anyone see her? Pictures? Please?
wouldn't know - i left about 4 months ago. :( :(
I wish someone would have let me know I would have gone lookin
I had sex with jessica alba, okay well i wrote jessica alba on my hand, but anyways.

Elvis ain't dead, i don't care what no one says.
I just watched the movie Fantastic 4 last night, what a crappy movie! It was so painful to watch, the only good thing was Jessica Alba was in it but even her acting was painful!
h2o_motorsports said:
I wish someone would have let me know I would have gone lookin
dude, he hangs out down at Ala Moana Shopping Center ALL the time!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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