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Because I ordered new slacks for work. They were $20.00 a pair, I ordered 8 pair (I tend to replace everything at one time... socks, skivvies, etc.) they're identical so I don't have to make fashion choices at 05:30 and I didn't have to go anywhere near a mall.

And bonus - they have a hidden stretchy elastic sliding panel that helps them expand when putting them on and taking them off. Bonus denied, this will certainly shorten the lifespan of the pants because elastic breaks down.

But at least it was done and finished in about 4 minutes and the tax and shipping offset my lost time and fuel and frustration at the mall.

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Time out:

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That's got me laughing!:w00t:

Time in:

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I am like you JB, I buy my jeans like 4 at a time, sometimes I choose different colors just to confuse the enemy :D

I am liking those Arizona Loose fit jeans for $ 21.99... nothing wrong with that!
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