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I was looking around the garage today and noticed I have lots of spare never to be used again by me parts for an RC51.

01 Swing arm and hardware for mounting.
01 Rear wheel
Brake Master Cylinders, front and rear.
Rear caliper for an 01
Spare stock brake lines front and rear
Spare race bodywork
Spare tank (crushed but useable)
spare gas caps (2)
broke PC3r aff an 02 RC
spare wiring harness
spare computer, rectifier etc for an 01
Spare motor for an 01 with blown transmission
Spare parts associated with motor
Cracked snorkel
01 Stock exhaust
02 stock exhaust
02 aftermarket exhaust
Spare exhaust hangers

Oddly enough, I do not want to get rid of any of it, because you never know.
So if I could find a creative way to store it. The engine could become a coffee table. The exhausts could become leggs to another table or work bench.

Hmmmm....... Brain juices are low today.

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source some roundbar, a tube bender, a cutoff saw and a mig welder and create an office chair. wrap the structure with bodywork and other parts to make an office chair that looks like a motorcycle and you sit on it like a motorcycle. You'll need a cushy seat but if you can make it ergonomically correct it could be very comfortable and unusual.

if you begin with a base from an office chair you're already 1/4 the way there.
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