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dadogs said:
That's gotta be a low side in progress......

nah, just dainese race leathers with titanium elbow sliders, like Rossi's :D

I doubt it's the REAL Jorge Lorenzo but hang off like a monkey, you'll get to drag yer limbs some :cool:

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I did that once.... up in some remote part of the Crest.

It was a warm clear summer's day. There were about ten bikes in the pack, the roads were clear and I was in the zone.

We head up the twisty roads, leaning from side to side... first left, then right. The right hander came up a little fast, but not to worry, all was under control. He leaned the bike to the, feeling the kneepucks make contact with the ground. Everything was A-OK. Suddenly, Rocky the Mountain Racoon decided to run across the road. Oh the horror! :eek:

The rider leaned further to the right, invaraibly, he touched the brakes, the front one no less. His elbow made contact with the road, so did the engine cover, the rear sets, the right handle bar, and just about the whole right side of the bike.... everything was not alright. THERE WERE NO SPARKS !!!! :eek: :mad:
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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