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I'm in the garage wiring up the turn signal integrator on the 748 and one of the local neighborhood squids drops by. About my age, '05 GSX-R1000 but actually belongs to a club. You know, a "riding club", like with tee shirts and everyone sporting the same color rim stripe kit, secret handshakes and gang signs. He limps over with the left pant leg drawn up high.

me - "What did you do?"
he - You know this turn up by the airport?"
me - "yeah"
he - "I don't know what happened, maybe I shifted up or down but the bike came straight up and over before I could do anything."
me - "You were wheelie'ing?"
he - "No, just like 30-35mph. I don't know what happened."

blah blah, "look at this" - flash to showing me his badges of crash honor etc... broken wrist, broken foot, rashed butt and lower back. "Helmet saved my life."

***important part coming up***

me - "How did it happen?"
he - "I don't know."

A couple of years ago I lowsided at Jennings T1 at approx 85mph. It was just beginning my 3rd lap after coming on with cold tires. I was about 100' behind my buddy who got started earlier in the session and I wanted to catch and play with him. Usually I warmed up cold tires for 3 or 4 laps but knew I could catch him by T4 if I didn't baby my way through T1 so I made the conscious decision that the tires were warm enough and went for it. Approaching the apex maintaining steady throttle the front end simply washed away and I was sliding into homeplate.

He asked me afterward...
him "How did it happen?"
me - "cold tires, I should've given it an extra lap to warm them up and should've started accelerating earlier to shift the weight. Too much push on a cold front. Wont happen again."

I knew what I did wrong, when I did wrong and analyzed the entire sequence of events before returning to the track 1 hour later. Until you're forced to understand & explain each nuance of contributing factors and accept responsibility you'll never get it. A month after his getoff and he still answers "I don't know."

Know what you did wrong, understand it, analyze it and maybe you wont repeat it.

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Great point and very true most the time. I had a little off road run. I know what happened and why. Won't happen again.

In case you are curious, I was watching the back of my buddy more than the road. he slowed and sat up a bit. It was freakin hot so I figured we were coming to a straight stretch and he was relaxing a bit (riding some nice twisties). I flipped up the visor and relaxed. Next thing I know the road was turning and I was still going straight.

I made the next mistake of just thinking I could run wide and into the grass a little. Turned out the grass was a ditch. Rode straight in and basically fell over. Rode the bike home with no real big damage.

What did I learn?? Follow and watch the road..not your buddy in front. Never concede to going off the road if you can reasonably make the turn (I could have...was only doing 25-30). Always stay aware and don't relax and let your attention lapse.;)

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Some people miss the whole reason they wrecked and find another excuse.
How many newbie track riders go down and blame their equipment? Too many.

They just want to go fast and don't know how. Then when something goes wrong, it is easier to blame tires, brakes, etc.... than to admit fault.

I also spend a lit of time at the local Triumph dealer. I am friends with the owner and constnatly I am in awe by the stories people come up with. The owner is an ex-racer and knows better, but he bites his tongue, smiles and sell them repair items.

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First time on track... 4 or 5 sessions in... all was going great... tires warmed up... rolling along well... getting the thumbs up from the on track instructors... hmmm... what a day!

The 51 and a certain Italian model were having a blast at Road America all day... we had been matched up in the same group every session and traded leads early till I decided it was time for him to follow. Going into turn 5, he tucked inside of me and headed up the hill... Turn 5 is a scary, tight, little left hander that leads you up hill to a somewhat blind turn 6 left hander at the crest of the hill. Anyway... I didnt care he took me in 5, I really hate 5, and figured I would take him again in the carousel... love that thing! Anyway as I grabbed throttle up the hill to 6, I wandered out and started to line up the apex... I wasnt far behind him, maybe 2 lengths at the most... but then... suddenly... he grabbed A LOT of brake and that 2 lengths was gone... I was in full brake mode and watching him slowly (too slow actually) make the turn in... I know the rear was off the ground and I was trying my damn-dest to get it back down in time for the turn... still not sure how I didnt T-Bone him. Anyway.. next thing I know he squueks thru... I dont hit him... and then I am airborne... rolling into the gravel. Did I high side it after trying to lean it in with the rear locked? Did the rear come back down cocked and toss me? I think that was it, but I am not sure and no one was behind and of course the corner worker wasnt watching! Didnt see a thing!

Turns out the reason I almost T-Boned Mr Ducati... was there was a slower lapped rider enjoying his way thru 6, and Mr Ducati wasnt going to pass him till after the corner... didnt want to go under or around for fear the kid might freak out... probably the right call for him. Me... the newbie... wasnt watching ahead far enough to see him... and was stuck at a higher pace than I should have been. 2nd thing I did wrong was target fixate (sp?)... I was locked on that big red bike not thinking of diving in low under him and thru the turn like I should have been, but just trying to brake and avoid him... who knows if I would have gotten thru clean and avoided Mr. Sight See'er in 6... but I would have liked to given it a try!

That was what???? 3.5yrs ago... and I still remember details like it was this mornings ride in...

I recall talking to Mr Ducati afterwards who was sooo thankfull the 51 didnt run him over.... he said I was so close to him he could hear my exhaust from ahead of me as I decellerated.

Man I need a new bike...........................

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jetblast10 said:
Hey that's right, it was you. I probably could've been on you by T3 not T4.

Can you tell me anything about road reflectors?
yes, they make me crash...:rolleyes:
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