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Howdy from down south. 04 purchased in 2010 with something like 10k on the clock, she's now over 40k. She's seen more dirt than a lot of ADV bikes. No fairing in the way, reliable, good range (tank to tank means I'm overdue for a break.) She's been as far east as NC, and been to the west cost in CA. This shot was in CO, just NW of Denver. The impending downhill was steep enough theres no way I would have tried to turn around on it. As I was making the descent it started to sprinkle. By the time I got geared it up it was absolutely pouring rain. Made the decision to stick to pavement and had a blast and a half getting back into town as the rain went away. Cager in a ricer was carrying a good pace and made room for me and waved me by on the outside through a nice right hand sweeper. Gave him a fist bump as I cruised by which gave him the biggest grin I think I've ever seen.
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1 - 2 of 33 Posts