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I recently picked up an '07 with low miles, and want to swap to an aftermarket exhaust from the anemic stockers. From what I can find, this is what's out there for the 919 still available. Am I missing anything? Shame the Sato, Arrow, Akrapovic and Yoshimura options are NLA.

Mivv [multiple options]
Scorpion [carbon/stainless]
GPR [multiple options]
Ixil [multiple options]
Delkevic [multiple options]
PipeWerx [multiple options]
Hurric [seems listed in multiple places in EU]
MassMoto [two options, not clear if still made but available]
MTC [multiple options]

Questionable: (Haven't verified with the sellers)
Termignoni [single sided only]

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If you get a set of link pipes, there are a few out there, you can fit a wide variety of 50mm end cans.
I did a quick search and found these on eBay.

I’m using a link pipe made by Delkevic. It’s a good unit. A single Y link pipe. The end cans are a quality set made by SP Engineering in the UK. They have a huge variety of styles.

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Most 50mm end cans will work. You just buy two. You will need exhaust straps, clamps and make up a hanger. I used two thick aluminium strips for the hangers. Can take pics if ya want.
If you contact Delkevic they will sell you a link pipe. They have two styles. A single Y link pipe and dual link pipes which uses the stock Y pipe. I’d recommend the single link pipe if they still do one.
They are a clamp style link pipe. Any 50mm exhaust can will fit even the type with the spring links will clamp on. I’ve used cheap eBay exhausts but they literally blew apart after a year.
Here is a link to SP Engineering. Slip on exhausts.
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