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Honda 919 parts needed - crash damage

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Well, my son crashed my '07 919 the other day. He blew a turn (riding above his skill level) riding with his friends and skidded into a ditch. He and the bike took a hard tumble. He was extremely lucky and he's okay. He dislocated his shoulder and got bruised up pretty good. Thank the good Lord above, he'll be fine.

I can't say the same for my bike. I've heard that parts are pretty scarce for these bikes, but had to ask.
I've only had it for less than 6 months, and now that riding season has just begun I'm really down in the dumps.
I'm torn between wanting to fix it or bite the bullet and replace it. There's a couple 919's for sale nearby. I'm not rich but I am fairly handy. I'm pretty sure it could be repaired. Less than 14k on the odometer, and it was well maintained before I got it.

But... it's going to need some parts, that may or may not be available anymore.

Here's the list:
It bent both forks, bent the radiator that caused a slight leak, really damaged the tank (but no leaks that I've seen), broke the rear cowl, cracked the front fender and destroyed the headlight. The front stay is bent, but it could possibly be straightened enough to work. The handlebars are an easy replacement, as well as bent rear brake lever. The instrument cluster works, but the plastic mounting points are cracked.

I realize I'm reaching quite a bit, but if anyone has any of the items I've listed that could be spared, please let me know. I really love this bike and will likely try to repair it, if possible.

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@opengl Pains me to say it but too rich for my blood in the immediate future, but good to know there's a reasonable new option. Do you know if it's rebuildable?
Yep they are rebuildable.
There's a you tube channel called Cars and cameras. They do go carts and stuff, someone give them a 919 and they took the motor out for a go cart
that's been about a year ago. Maybe they still have it and have grown tired of it. Don't how you would get touch with then but I believe they are out of
Washington county NC. Maybe your neck of the woods.
I received Niner's bike this morning.
Well, was it everything you dreamed it would be?
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Well, was it everything you dreamed it would be?
Like you said previously, there's a lot of 919 there!

The tank will need a good de-rusting/re-coating before it's usable. It was obviously sitting quite a while, with only a small amount of old gas left in it. The motor turns over but doesn't attempt to start. Don't know yet if there's spark, but I would imagine it's a fuel system issue. In fact, I don't think I heard the fuel pump come on. It's got a working battery, only low beam works, no turn signals working, horn works. The instrument cluster illuminates but the needles don't cycle at switch on like they did on my '07.

This '02 bike has all the parts I will need to get the '07 going again, PLUS some extra's that I will certainly use: F4i forks, front stay, headlight, signals, radiator, tank, rear fairing, handlebars (has the cross brace on them) and of course I'll be transferring the Ohlins rear shock (which was an item I was already looking for before all this happened.) It has nice 6-spoke wheels (what bike did they come off of?) with great shape tires on both (that I think are very cool and will be swapping!!) It also has a nice Yoshimura dual exhaust system. I really wish I could hear the sound, cause if they're better than the single Two Brothers upgrade that's on mine I'll have to swap!

I opted to spend an extra hundred with the carrier on a box of parts he threw in, which had a lot of goodies!
A Battery Tender, a Power Commander that looks new in box? A replacement bar end mirror to match the one that's on it. Frame sliders, several pairs of levers that are useable, Honda wing & 919 Hornet logo stickers, unused. There's a tire balancing stand, used brake calipers, original rubber brake lines (he'd upgraded all of them with ss), stock mufflers w/ shields, extra rear wheel with Dunlop tire with good tread on it (it'll be going on my son's gixxer once I get my a** off this computer! :ROFLMAO:), original mickey mouse mirrors, and more that I can't think of atm. Some of the items were to go back on, that he must not have got a round tuit yet. Also, a spare rear fairing that's a little rough, but still usable, just in case.

Overall, I couldn't pass on it. Not knowing IF I could find all the parts I needed, or how long that could take, I think it was a heck of a deal, and if I ever DO find the replacement parts I need, I could get the '02 up and running again.
THEN, if I get asked by my son to ride MY bike, I can say NOPE, take that one!!

I actually do like the Glory Red color scheme better, but I'll rock the matte black street fighter look for a while until I can re-coupe some $$$. :(
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Hale yeah. Glad you're happy with the deal.

Hey, Niner- where's my 10%? lmfao
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...The instrument cluster illuminates but the needles don't cycle at switch on like they did on my '07.
The early bikes didn't have a clock and didn't do the sweep, so it's just as it was from the factory..:)
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