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I deep sixed the MotoRush site?

LOL. You have me confused with Gabriel, MotRush's owner and and programmer.

While I was one of the original moderators for and consequently I certainly had no control over MotoRush's demise. In fact, Dan (RC90) will confirm that I was sending him e-mails regularly trying to get updated status. I wasn't happy how the whole thing went down either as I felt we should have at least been allowed the opportunity to notfiy members after the fact but the fact is that Gabriel owns MotoRush and if he wants to axe it in that manner then that's his choice, whether I agree with it or not.

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u killed motorush ?!??!?
why u no good sumnabeech

no seriously, i need to up the torque on my any rc-51 decals i can stick on? maybe some dan kyle stickers so i can improve the handlin?

welcome G :D good to see you outside of CF
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