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For Sale: Ventura Luggage Set With Racks and 919 Adapters - Like New

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I bought all this from a member here years ago and never used anything except the little sport bag for commuting a couple times. The red color on that piece is slightly faded as it was when I bough it. The other stuff appears to be unused.

Package includes:
  • Adapter set for 919 to attach racks or grab bar.
  • Grab bar that basically replaces the function of the factory grab bar
  • Small rack (Ventura Sport Rack) that is low profile and works nice with the small sport bag.
  • Large rack (Ventura Pack Rack) that works well with the larger Ventura bag but could be used for other purposes.
  • Sport bag (Ventura Sport Pack II), good, size for commuting and fits the smaller rack.
  • Large bag (Aero Spada IV) that attaches to the larger rack and also has optional shoulder straps.
Asking $300 + shipping to CONUS.

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Please make a reasonable offer if you're interested.

Going up on eBay soon.
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