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I took FAST about 3 years ago and chose the gixxer6 as well.
No they won't let you go fast, they govern the bikes by restricting the rpm's so don't expect to rev the crap out of the bikes cause you can't. First day will be on the Nelson track which is small but technical, there aren't any long straight-away's on this track. They'll teach you quite a lot, proper braking, positioning on the bike, proper cornering, just about everything you need to know. After every session, they'll tell you what you're doing good and what you need to improve on, it's quite helpful!

Drive to Shannonville, don't ride there cause the day will tire you out. If you haven't done any track days, it can be both mentally and physically exhausting and riding back home a long distance isn't a good idea. Also, drink lots of liquids like Gatorade especially if it's hot, you'll get dehydrated very fast.

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its probably almost a 10 hour drive from where i am, so i planned on gettin a motel the night before and the night in between and stay and a friends on the way home. and no i've never been to a track day but if this is as fun as i hope its gonna be, Grattan isn't too far away.
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