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I know a couple of people that have them and I have ridden one on the track and it is a blast. All kinds of torque down low and plenty fast for the street. Bad Asssssssss

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my brother was going to buy one but opted for the DR650 instead...

the reasons?
>dirt road/off road capability

we hit a lot of fire roads and farm roads, the SM can do it, but you run more of risk trashing the front rotors, forks etc.

1yr old used DR $3500 or less
new SM $5800 otd

the DR is fine on the road but you're not gonna get after it like on an SM, so just like always, it's about what you're gonna do...

if you're gonna hit the twisties, get an SM...if you are buying an SM cause you want hit the twisties and go off road sometimes, think long and hard about how much off road you're really gonna do

one thing is for sure, it'd be a hellafun ride

I've been thinking of one myself and have many friends into SM...not S&M.

The DRZ is a solid platform but it will never be a race bike or comparable to a CRF450. But the whole point behind it is that is it ready to go from the dealer and will make a great "street" bike. For the price it's a deal as well. The basic SM conversion starts at about $3500 for wheels/tires/modified forks/brakes/and fender.

The two issues i have with the current DRZ/SM is the 140 rear tire and the fact that the new RM's use a 450cc motor and it stands to reason the SM will soon have the engine.

sm feedback

i have one,just turned 1000's not very fast compared to my 919,but i haven't ridden my 919 since i got the drz if that tells you anything.super fun and 60 mpg anyway you ride it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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