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Recent threads and personal parts needs have reminded me to post this. Something that's always been annoying about vintage motorcycles is the number of parts that are unsurprisingly no longer available, and the thought that there might be a replacement part out there that could fit directly or fit with minor modifications. It sure would have been nice if someone had noted when parts were no longer available so we could make notes to grab them if we found them in a stash somewhere, or in the more modern era, set up searches for them on eBay. Or if they'd always recorded what worked as a substitute. (Not least of which so we could stock up on good used ones when we came across them, or knew to be extra careful of them when servicing the bike.) Of course, at the time there was no generally accessible Internet to share information on, so we have to rely on fragmented memories of people around the planet - not the easiest of storage mediums to search or access.

So, this thread is to note parts that have gone out of production without listed or official supercession, and to note replacement parts that either fit directly or fit with minimal modification. Since the forum doesn't allow modification of posts after a set time period, I will append new entries to the end. Anyone else with this type of information should feel free to post. Maybe we can sticky this later after it has enough entries?

First installment, all NLA ("No Longer Available") status is current as of this time:

90065-MCZ-640 - Early production 919 gear shifter tie rod. Can be replaced with late 919 shifter tie rod 90065-KR3-000, also shared with the CMX250. No modification needed, finish may be different. For unknown reasons, Honda does not note this supercession.

77216-MCZ-000 and 77217-MCZ-000 - These are the lower brackets that hold the 919's taillight to the rear fairing or cowl. No known interchange or replacement at this time.

17521-MCZ-000ZF - This is the right side silver or grayish tank emblem as shipped on the early Asphalt 919s. NLA at this time even though the left side one isn't. No known direct interchange or replacement at this time. You can of course use later 919 or other decals for this, they just won't be the same color.

77213-MCZ-670ZA - These are the silver or gray "919" decals on the rear fairing or cowl for the early Asphalt 919s. No known direct interchange at this time. You can of course use later 919 or other decals for this, they just won't be the same color.

19503-MER-D00 - The infamous lower radiator hose. This has been NLA for many years and is not a 'recent' NLA, which is weird for Honda. A hand-made silicone replacement is available from Samco (who supplies Honda's factory racing teams) in the UK either as part of a whole-bike-coolant-hose-kit or special ordered by itself; make sure you get their special hose clamps to maintain their lifetime warranty.

19101-MCZ-000 - Coolant reserve tank. No longer available, no known interchange.

46500-MBZ-D00 - Rear brake pedal. This pedal was originally sourced from the European market Hornet 600S. US Honda parts sheets show this as discontinued without succession, but in Europe the replacement part for the 600S supercedes to 46500-MBZ-G00, which is still available. Euro parts sheets for the Hornet 900 do *not* seem to list this supercession.

35010-MCZ-670 and 35010-MCZ-671 - This is the original US lock set (tank, ignition, tail) and the successor part number. No longer available, no known interchange or replacement.

35100-MCZ-670 - The original US ignition lock, tumbler and electrical component. No longer available, no known interchange or replacement.

51400-MCZ-641 and 51500-MCZ-641: The original 02-03 complete front fork assemblies (right and left respectively). No longer available, but 04-07 forks are of course a direct swap and offer adjustability lacking on the 02-03 forks.

51430-MCZ-003 - The original damper rod assembly for the 02-03 front forks. No known interchange or replacement, so if for some reason you want to keep your 02-03 forks, don't bend or break this!

61100-KEA-751ZT - This is the 2002/Asphalt specific front fender, slightly different than the later bikes. Later fenders can be interchanged but if you absolutely have to have the original part, it's NLA.

50363-MCZ-000 - This is an odd sort of spacer that is part of the rear engine mounts. No longer available, no known interchange. Don't lose yours.

14546-MW0-000 - This is the cam chain guide that goes in the head where the chain bridges the gap between the cams. Don't lose or destroy this one because they don't make them any more.

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Sincere thanks for all the above work.
An attributed copy of it has been used to make a document now residing in the Dropbox.
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