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Did ya miss me too?

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didn't think so :D

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You know there are doctors out there that can get rid of that hunchback...;)

Welcome back/over/whatever LD(h).
As a control rider, I don't think it would be in your best interest to punch another rider. But then again, that's just me. (nice pic)
Well I didn't know the camera was there :D
Lord Duckhunter said:
didn't think so :D
I missed you as much as crashing at 123mph! ;)
Hey Mike, it looks like you are full on club racing now. What ORG are you racing with?
Nope no racing in my plans, I'm just an instructor this season.
midwest said:
Sweet leathers!
you're half right...

ducky said:
I'm just an instructor this season
instuctor...destructor, whatever it takes:eek:
There goes the neighborhood. Welcome Mike.
Welcome over Mike!

Did you get everything back together after your last grass cutting expedition at Jennings? I was the rider right behind you in T10. Good thing I didn't follow your example that time.
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I wish there was some grass to cut there, I dumped 10 lbs of sand out of the bodywork & even had to dig an 8mm rock out of the throttle cable stop! Ya know if I had wanted that rock to be there it would have taken me an hour to get to it & another hour to get it balanced right there on the throttle cable in front of the stop... (seriously )

Everything is new or better than new except the bodywork. So did you get a good view of it? I still don't really know exactly what happened I mean I know I went in hot in T9 & that forced me on a different line a little early into T10 & the front tucked when I left off the gas, but I sure didn't think I was leaned over far enough for that to be a concern. Staab came back in after the next session & told me there was another patch right in front of where my skidmarks started & it appeared I ran right over it, but I never even saw it & just didn't feel like going back out there to check it out LOL


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Now all we need are some squids to pummel
Actually this pic was taken very shortly before I had my agricultural experience. Man I hate flat tracks :D

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Seeing that last pic I became convinced. What happened was Taliban ground squirels soiled the track with a slippery slury of some hideous squirel concoction and this caused you to tuck the front and washout after you hit it. The slury, being a product of joint Taliban/ground squirel technology is very volatile and evaporated quickly, thereby prohibitng a verification of cause. You are lucky, LDH. This could have been infinitely worse if it were decades ago and the colaborative efforts of the ground squirels and Viet Cong sent you off into the field of punji sticks! Whoa dude:eek:
at least I didn't have to get another catscan!

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