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Okay, I need a left lower for '03 RC and a rear cowl cover.

I was cleaning the shop. Moving the RC and it fell off the stands in the another bike.:rolleyes:

I think I can glue the fairing on the other bike. Small crack.

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I hate it when that happens. I pulled into the garage area at work one day last year and was parking in a tight space on the 919. Did the big no-no of
dismounting on the opposite side of the stand. To my surprise the damn thing kept going and WHAP on the floor. Embarrassing part was that the space it fell into was so tight I had to go get another guy to help me pick it up. Stator cover is still scuffed up and I left it that way to remind me to ALWAYS double check the side stand and dismount on the left side.

Sorry about the mishap man.
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