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CB919 Corbin Seat, Givi Box Mounts, and Service Manual for Sale

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Have Brown Unattractive (also some small tears) but functional Corbin and Lady CB919 seat for sale $150
Have Givi rear tail box mounts for CB919 and STLUN box for sale $100
Have 2002/2003 CB919 factory service manual for sale $25

Hoping to sell locally in the Philadelphia PA area. Shipping large items will be expensive and the buyer will pay for shipping.

Send Me a PM in interested or require more pics. Thx George
Camera accessory Gas Auto part Electronic device Bumper
Footwear Brown Shoe Outdoor shoe Beige

Thanks George
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I have no problem with the stock seat but my wife thinks "her" seat is very uncomfortable. Is this seat better for the passenger than the stock seat?
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