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I've never ridden one, so I can't add much other than LDH seems to think a lot of them.

I don't think it looks any better than anything elce on the road. If it wasn't for that red track stand, you'd think that pic was a black and white. Matt grey is about as awful as awful gets.

I'll try a nice used Ducati as soon as the engines have cam chains and shim on bucket. Until then, you can have them.

Sunday afternoon, I was at the World Famous Store in Sulfur Indiana dining in the Patio when the Louisville Ducatistas rolled onto the East Pavillion (gravel parking lot to the side) About the time I was finished with my chicken, they were getting ready to bolt. I asked if I could tag along, I'd stay in back and mind my manners. They seemed like a good, friendly bunch of guys, about 7 of them. They ride a good pace. The guy I was behind was starting to fall back and I wanted to ride with the main group. I passed him just after a fairly sharp right hander, up a hill. I'm pretty sure he didn't see me coming, and it took every ounce of energy that little 599 had. I soon caught up with the main group, he disappeared in the rear view. But when we got to the edge of a town where the 40 mph starts, and everybody was cooling it, he caught up and passed me back. I thought that was funny.

They look horribly uncomfortable. Those guys were all hunched over on their hands. Big engines, Ohlins sticker and all, they didn't get down the road any better than anything elce. I think people buy Ducatis because they got bored with Jap stuff.
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