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Alright ladies, gents, Moto/JB, I was inspired by the pics of Mike with his 10 year anniversary(thanks Mike), and we've all seen JetBlast. So, since we dedicate so much of our lives on this forum, I was curious to see who I am talking to. For lack of any better word, I really enjoy the time I spend on here, and it sincerely helps me through my day sometimes, so as the title states, post your best side. I will kick it off with my submission. This was taken at Eazy E's house, when I went to pick up a BBQ order last december. I am now sans-beard, but otherwise still the same.

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This is when I was "Working" on the movie TORQUE

Just for reference, the yellow container down and to the left is where I keep my Kerosene to clean my chain. You see by the direction of the flame I am safety concious.

Decopage Colage, A study of contemporary insanity.


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Evad101 said:
Got $5? :alucard:
Damn, are they that cheap??? You can keep them crabs for yourslef! :oops: :thumbup:

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I think it is $5 for the contact info! The rest is up to you!

I'll paypal you $5 for the blonde in the white dress's number... white dress means... well you all know what that means! Plus, she's cute!

You guys are all some fugly mofo's! If I didnt know better I would guess those are all serial killer photo's... OK Except Evad's!

I'll see if I can get a vacation shot to work....

There that worked.....

Or shorter hair?

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