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Click around Speed and Cyclenews and you'll get a feel for the fact that 4 wheels might be Max's only option......unless he wants to race in a nat'l series (fat chance!)

We all knew that Honda black-balled him, but now there is strong speculation that the other manufacturers absolutely refuse to give him an "A-list" ride as well.....Was it one incident in particular or does Max's rep go a long way to kill him?

And now they say that Showa won't supply him nor Dunlop....Are these company's over-extended or do they just want no part of Mad Max? Hmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,

The way I see it is if everyone in the room is pointing at you and calling you an asshole, and everywhere you go people laugh and point and call you an asshole.............

Then you're probably an asshole.

The only shame is that I would have liked to see him get his ass kicked in WSBK (maybe there's still a chance, but Feb 25 is fast approaching).
I'd love to hear him piss and moan and bury his team all over again, this time at the WSBK level.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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