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So I have some parts I need to get rid of, so this is possibly a great deal for someone working on a project.

I have the following as a combo deal:
A very faded gas tank in need of some rust removal for the inside and ideally a fresh coat of paint for the outside. It's got some minor dings from regular usage, but outside of the rust and faded paint is in good shape. I started on the rust removal but ended up just replacing the tank as apartment life doesn't lend itself well to this kind of restoration, plus pretty paint lol).
A badly painted rear seat cowl, was red, currently a really awful black with some wear probably from a drop or something along those lines?)
A seat with a broken latch (not factory, didn't bother looking up any info about it)

As I don't want these it's an all or nothing combo deal, but I'm also only looking for shipping fees for it (or if you're very local to Austin, TX I will gladly drop these off or let you grab them). I don't have dimensions or weight offhand, but can get that when we have some interest.
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On the boxes, I wrote the USPS shipping cost for each one from my zip to central Florida, iirc.
It may give you a ballpark number. The tank will be pricey because of the size of the box, but it's secure.
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