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Hey, down at the bottom of the main page it says, "Todays Birthday's - Bigdaa"

So how old is ya Bigdaa? I'll drink a beer and crank a few rounds in the air fer ya! :D

Uh, just notice it had a (50) next to his name! The big 5 zero!

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I could always count on all you reckless bastids to cheer me up!:D

Listen, yesterdays B-day sucked for a couple of reasons:

1) 50 years of course! But thank God above that I have two youngsters of my own to help me feel young while I rush headlong into old age!

2) I came back to work after being out two weeks with pnuemonia.

3) And last but not least, I find out that my buddy Mike from work slipped in his shower on Monday and died right then and there. He was 48 and I'll never see him again:( :( :( :( :(

Look guys and gals, I don't want to piss on anyones parade with this stuff, but I do want to say that it sure was some good timing to have been found and informed about this site. No lie.

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1,926 Posts'd think turning 50 would be rock bottom enough....

Sorry it sucked, 50 should be a milestone celebration.....

But we can cheer you up.....I'll send you some naked pictures....of me.

It might not turn you on but you'll get a good laugh....:eek:

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I'll add my congrats to the list, hey if that 10R is still in the garage, and as I recall a new Honda for the youngin, it's all still really good. Vanilla or chocolate icing on that cake is always a tough decision but both good as you head into the next 50!

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Bigdaa, how far you from Valencia. I'm out there in the next few weeks. We'll celebrate your belated b-day.

Sucks about your friend. The wife of one of my good friend just died (38) suddenly, anurisum (sp?). Just had her 5th kid (ages 2-months to 13-yrs). She was the bread winner, soccer mom, always happy, very attractive, and just all-around incredible person!
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