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2007 Hornet 919

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Few years without a bike after trading mine for a car, survived a busa as my first bike at 16 lol. Anyways just got back into it with a 2007 honda hornet 919 as I was looking for something that did a little bit of everything. I have read a ton of stuff on this forum and it seems like the majority of stuff is for the 919, is it just because that’s the stuff that I’ve read before and it’s recommended to me or is the majority of this site about Hornet 919s? Also looking for recommendations on handlebars as I am a bit on the taller side and possible fixes that have worked for the smell the hornet leaves on you lol. Thanks!

here’s a picture after changing the turn signals, mirrors, and pretty good touch up. Got it for 3,700 with 11k miles, thought that was a fairly decent price.


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i will try to find the stock map i have from LDH. it worked well for low throttle stumble till this year, but didnt help at all for stink. new Thermostat helped, as i posted earlier. hoping FPR will be the ticket, especially with low throttle issues creeping back in.
Unsure if the fan is thermostaticly controlled on this one, but it seems to turn on almost instantly without warming up too.

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Have you checked your starter valve sync recently?
I did today Thanks for the tip- at the start it was 24.2 20.5 18.5 24.2 Got it as close as I could with 18 +0-.2 each other. Thanks again. Then I read the manual ond got an even 20 hg- A little PIA
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