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2005 919 Complete Stock Exhaust and Center stand - Raleigh, NC.

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Bike had 8K miles when I pulled off the stock exhaust. The stock exhaust is compete with headers, catalytic converter, and dual mufflers. There are some slight scratches on one heat shield. Otherwise the system is in very good condition. I'm thinking $160 plus shipping. Located outside of Raleigh, NC.

Center Stand SOLD The center stand is in perfect condition. I removed the center part so that it can be installed without removing the exhaust. It is still as strong due to the center bar that gets put through, but it makes it very easy to install and remove. I can't use it anymore because I replace my exhaust with a CB900RR header that is in the way of the center stand now.

$120 + shipping.

Located outside of Raleigh, NC.


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Center stand sold?
There is sanity
Yeah. I had it listed on FB and a guy snatched it up quick, but it turns out he is a member here too and saw it in both places. Shipping it out today.
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