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Well, I had some cabin fever, but it was cold when my buddies rode out this morning. I decided not to go with them. Three hours later, i decided to meet up with them (warmed up 15 degrees). I knew their route and back tracked it till me wet up.

When I saw them, I was on a small two lane road and had to u-turn, but there was just enough traffic to keep on from making an easy tight turn. I would have gotten hit from behind, or cut my buddies off (who were no doubt speeding). I made a left onto a gravel road as the first bikes went by. The Tiger is tall and I new I could "walk" the bike backward. I was figuring out what to do, when the :devil: appeared on my shoulder. I looked ahead and saw if I ran through the fiels, there was a soft shoulder I could probably power through and rejoin the road.

Ha! I was suddenly in dirtbike mode with the ass end of the Tiger sliding. :clap: Oh what fun! Caught up with the group for some Shenanigans.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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