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  1. Naked Bikes
    Can anyone tell me if there is any difference in the 02-07 919 exhaust systems. I was always under the impression that they were exactly the same. Dennis Kirk advertises the system I want. The Yoshi TRS Dual slip-on but it says the fitment is for 2002-2003. Mine is a 2005. I can't hardly...
  2. Want to Buy
    Where can I find some Japanese made Yoshimura pipes? I can find a few stores selling the ones made in US, but from what I understand the US made pipes are crap compared to the others. Anyone know where I can get my hands on these? Preferably the Titanium ones.
  3. Naked Bikes
    Hey, I've decided to go with the Yoshimura carbon fiber slip-ons on my '02 when the wallet/bank account cools down from buying the bike. Can someone post some pics of theirs? In particular from the rear. Thanks! :yes: PS: I guess the current ones have the flat"ish" rear with the three allen...
  4. Want to Buy
    Just sending out a feeler to see if anyone has an extra set of the Yoshi dual exhaust. Or, whats a good place to buy them? Looks like the best I have found is about $530 with free ship. Also looking for a jacket and helmet (44" chest, L for helmet).
  5. Classifieds Archive
    I will be selling my 919 and trying somthing new. So up for sale is a set of yoshi pipes. I am asking $325 plus shipping (will be shipped from CAN) or first reasonable offer. Pics to follow..........
  6. Naked Bikes
    I'm having a little trouble installing the factory heat shield on a set of Yoshi TRS slip-ons. I can get the shield on the mounting tabs but the bolt hole doesn't quit line up. When the shield is on the mounting tabs, it needs to move about 3/32" to the rear of the motorcycle to get the hole...
  7. Classifieds Archive
    hi i have a mint condition low mile set (around 500 miles) of yousimura dual stainless pipes for the honda 919 .they dont have one scratch or dent on them.these come with the baffles i have them out now to make it louder ,but comes with them if you like it a little less returning my...
  8. Aftermarket
    I already know most of you are going to say Yoshi but I'm on a budget. I have only heard them both of them on Youtube. I have enough cash to buy the Delkevic's now, but i don't want to have buyer's remorse and wish I would have saved for the Yoshi's. Is there really that much difference in...
  9. Naked Bikes
    Some may remember one of my recent posts regarding the question whether a PCIII was important enough to buy when install both a "upgraded" air filter and "race" exhaust slip-ons. After some intense installation time and other modifications needed, I was able to take the 9'er for a good long run...
  10. Aftermarket
    Does anyone else who has a set of Yosimura slip-ons have any clearance issues with the bottom side of the rear fairing?
  11. Naked Bikes
    Hello All, I'm new to motorcycles as of spring last year. My '04 919 is my first motorcycle, and I'm glad I jumped right in. I've been racing cagers for years now, and am affluent mechanically but still an amature at it. I've ordered a pair of Yoshi CF slip-on's and have already replaced the...
1-11 of 12 Results