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  1. Motorcycle Discussion
    I just took one on a short loop, and it didn't feel like it had any power.:confused1: I did like the look and feel of the bike though.
  2. Sportbikes
    This bike is trying to seduce me. It surely looks pretty. It's been trying to lure me in for weeks now. Asking price just dropped $200. Anyone have any experience with them? I've never seen one before this craigslist ad. 2006 TRIUMPH Dytona 675
  3. Cruisers
    Finally replaced my 919, with an 06 Triumph America: Needed some TLC but got it for a good price. Its definitely a different experience from the 919, had to readjust to cruiser riding!
  4. Motorcycle Discussion
    Some of you may remember I had a Triumph Speed Triple, I love how it looked, how it sounded but I just didn't love it. It sucked to take on the interstate for longer rides and I was super paranoid about leaving it anywhere because I paid a decent amount for it and I bought it brand new. Just a...
  5. Classifieds Archive
    2007 Triumph Bonneville America, 1350 miles, 2nd owner. Two tone metallic black and red, OEM tachometer and tank bib, Triumph shorty pipes, quick release saddlebags, optional OEM rear luggage rack, or factory rear seat and Triumph backrest/rack. Runs, looks and sounds great, like new...
  6. Motorcycle Discussion
    A buddy and I are doing half-days of riding (each, to get time on the bike) to ferry this Triumph Street Triple from Roswell, NM to Mojave, CA. My leg of yesterday's ride was from Roswell to the VLA. What a cool place to stop! and Here's the riders: I'm on the left, and Dan is on the...
  7. Streetbikes
    :clap: Six Monkeys Daytona 1050 Speed Triple Full Fairing Superbike Conversion
  8. Racing
    Stu's Shots R Us: AMA Flat Track: Bonneville Performance Triumph Team to Get Backing From Triumph Factory for '12 AMA Grand National Twins Series, '11 Pro Singles Champ Mikey Martin to Ride Click on the photo to see a bigger version Man those Triumphs look great.
  9. Classifieds Archive
    I purchased this back in mid July of this year so the warranty is good until July 2013. I'm selling it because I need to put some ease on the wallet as a few things have fallen through for me recently. This bike looks amazing still, I had been using it for a daily driver up until now and I'm...
  10. Motorcycle Discussion
    Hey guys I wanted to share a few pictures, had an amazing weekend of British Superbike racing, but ready to return home to the states... Hundreds of pics, crappy hotel internet makes posting them to photobucket a pain.
  11. Naked Bikes
    My bike has developed a very small oil leak and after looking around, it looks like it's coming out of a drain plug on the right side of the engine, in front of the clutch, on the engine case itself. Is this plug something that should be pulled during regular oil changes? If not, what purpose...
  12. Naked Bikes
    Went to Indy Triumph yesterday to kill some time and decided to do a few test rides. First up was the 2011 Speed Triple with ABS. After vomiting in my mouth from looking at the headlights, I hopped on and ripped. I love Indy Triumph for one thing... solo test rides. They tell you the route...
  13. Motorcycle Discussion
    Bezzi is an amazing designer. Wish like he11 I could buy one of these.
  14. Motorcycle Discussion
    Thought some of you might enjoy this, had me glued for 45 mins: Hulu - Speedmakers: Triumph Motorcycles - Watch the full episode now.
  15. Streetbikes
    Hello, first thread here and in need of assistance. I bought my 02 daytona with few issues but price was to good to pass up. Now im dealing with the previous owner already messing with the electronics and need to fix his mistakes quick. About to be stationed in italy and need bike running in...
  16. Naked Bikes
    1995 triumph trident 900 Never knew this was made??
  17. Ride Reviews & Destinations
    I am completely packed two days before we are to leave. I have checked the weather innumerable times expecting to see a beautiful forcast spoiled by rain. Day 1: I wake early to a misting, dreary morning. I eat a quick breakfast and head over to my father-in-law's. After some final...
  18. Motorcycle Discussion
    I need help coming up with a name for my new business. I am learning the dark art of fuel injection tuning and will soon be offering my services to the Indianapolis area. Interestingly enough, there is no one offering this service to the exotic brands and only 2 offering it for the jap...
  19. Naked Bikes
    What a rush! Had some time to spare and decided to visit Indy Ducati right by my place of employment. The owner Bill, asked if I would like to test ride an 1198s with him. I said yes. At 370 lbs, the bike is incredibly light for the 170 hp at the crank. The owner rode with me and led me...
1-19 of 20 Results