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  1. Naked Bikes
    I want to install some gold ultra lows on my 919. I want it to look more gangster. Right now i have stock bars and mirrors with pazzo levers and motovation bar end weights/sliders. What kind of bar ends and mirrors fit, look good and are functional? Thanks, RC
  2. Mechanical and Technical
    Anyone else have the problem with the left hand switch assembly hitting the tank after installing Renthal Ultra-low bars? (Right hand side is fine.) Guess I'll weld or epoxy something to the steering stop. Better ideas?
  3. Classifieds Archive
    Well, sold the bike, but kept the Vibranators. Was thinking of using them on my next bike, but now realize the bar diameter is different and they won't work. Anyone interested PM me? I'd sell them in the stock configuration. They are sized for Renthal bars. I had the street fighters, but I...
  4. Classifieds Archive
    Looking for a renthal high bar or a set of handlebar risers for a 919.
  5. Naked Bikes
    I bought my 919 with these Renthal bars and I love the way they feel. I noticed they are bent down a bit on the right side, so I am going to order some new ones of the same size/angle. The parts dept at the Honda dealership wasn't able to tell me what size they were based on a picture and the 3...
  6. Aftermarket
    So I'm gonna pick up some ultra lows, but can't decide between the gray titanium color or the black. My bike is the flat black paint, and if the handlebars are a glossy black I'm scared it will look weird. The titanium seems to be the same color as the wing decals on the tank......what do you...
  7. Classifieds Archive
    Would buy used, but in good condition, or could trade my oem bar with salamander bar ends = no vibration at all !!
  8. Aftermarket
    So i ordered some renthal ultra lows due to all the ranting n raving, hootin n hollerin about em.... as well as the fact that they were supposedly less swept back. In short... if your looking for something thats got a significantly straighter... less pulled back profile compared to the...
  9. Aftermarket
    Hey guys I have seen a few of you with these bars and I really like the look. I want to order a pair,but before i do can a owner tell me what else i would need to install? also how hard is the swap? thanks.
  10. Classifieds Archive
    does anyone have a set of renthal ultra lows they are wanting to part with? not a huge fan of the stock bars and really want to try something else.
  11. Naked Bikes
    anyone put any of these on the 919? I wanna add more gold to my bike and think gold bars would look cool... love to see pics of other bars even if not gold, looking to make it more streetfighterish..
  12. Naked Bikes
    Has anyone with renthal ultra-lows noticed any issues with the stock footpeg position after switching to the renthals? More specifically, does the overall riding position get any better or worse when riding around town, or on the hiway?
  13. Naked Bikes
    I'd like to put some gold Renthal or similar brand bars on my bike just to give it more color.. I don't necessarily wanna change the bar position too much, cuz I like th stock feel.. maybe mini Renthal would work better? what all bars come in a gold finish? and where can I get em?
  14. Naked Bikes
    I'm looking to buy a renthal handlebar to reduce the vibrations to my hands. I was wondering, which renthal bar is closest to the stock size/ angles? I think the stock bar is comfy where it is, the material is the issue. Ive been told the aluminum renthals vibrate less.
  15. Aftermarket
    So, I ponied up $50-something for Renthal UL's and another $50 for Kne Sean Bar-ends, that say they "fit 7/8" bars easily". Um, wtf Ken Sean? They DO NOT fit my UL's. The damn nut on the inside doesn't even fit my UL's. I am pretty pissed. So, now I have to run my stock bars with the new...
  16. Naked Bikes
    I know that plenty of people are happy with their Renthal U/L's but I'm curious as to how they feel about them when doing longer rides, say 4 hours and up? (is it even possible?) I stand 5"10 and have a 6' wingspan and a 32" inseam, so I'm particularly interested in anyone's opinions that...
  17. Naked Bikes
    Does anyone know off hand if any of the Throttlemeister adapters work with the Renthal Ultra Lows? I have a set on my 919, but I am thinking of switching bars to the Renthals. I emailed the company but would like to get things ordered today, so if anyone knows it would be appreicated. Thanks...
  18. Naked Bikes
    The stock bars are angled back too much IMO. Are the renthals straighter, and is there a difference between the ultra lows and mediums as far as how angled back they are?
  19. Classifieds Archive
    If you have something you want to get rid of let me know
  20. Naked Bikes
    Hi folks... I wanna take my 919 to the track and wanted to see if there are any handlebars out their that will be great for track .. currently I am looking at the ... Thar bars & the Renthal UL's .. please any input will be appreciated. I have ridden the track twice before on a 600 ...
1-20 of 22 Results