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  1. Naked Bikes
    Login | Facebook Not on the website yet but here it is on FB. That's a price I think most of us can wrap our heads around.
  2. Naked Bikes
    I work at a honda dealership the CB1000R will be here in the states for 2011 along with the cbr250r
  3. Ride Reviews & Destinations
    Well I guess now is the time as good as any to tell a tale of my time with my brand new motorcycle. As you know my esteemed reader, I have recently come in possession of a fine piece of mechanical engineering. Namely one CB1000R, known as a Predator - born from the engineering workshop of an...
  4. Naked Bikes
    I can't find any real information on whether or not the CB1000r is coming to the states or Canada. I have aligned myself for a new bike in the next few months and the CB1000r was on the top of the list. In its apparent absence, I am leaning towards the 2011 or a left over 2010 z1000. I feel...
  5. Naked Bikes
    I thought I’d post up a quick review on my back to back ride of a Super Duke 990 (2008) and a CB1000R (I know you guys don’t get the CB1R there, but thought you’d like to know my thoughts between the 2 anyway) The black SD 990 was demo that the dealership wanted to move on and asked me if I...
  6. Naked Bikes
    Decent little comparo. Nice photos. Why doesn't Kawie paint their's Kawie Green, and why doesn't Honda paint their's "Winning Red"? Any good Photo Shop Guys out there? I'd rather have the 600 Hornet
  7. Naked Bikes
    I'm not sure if this has been discussed here yet. But just ran across this. 09 Honda CB1000R. Only available in Europe and Asia. With 120HP and 80ft/lbs of torque. I'm not a big fan of the smaller ergonomics, but I'd still rock it. C'mon Honda!! Bring 'em over. How do you paste a video form...
  8. Naked Bikes
    I don't know very much about the Kawasaki Z1000. Personaly I think it looks a little funny specificaly the OE Muffler/can. Also the 2 up situation looks as though it would be very simeler to a ZX6,F4I GSXR. I have to consider my wife because she will ride with me.
  9. Naked Bikes
    Well I guess the choice is easy. Whats avalible at the dealer? " FZ1 ". what would I reather buy? Honda, "duh"! What happens when a Honda guy ride a Yamaha, < turn gay? poke my eye out? Why will Honda build us a new dream machine but keep it from us? < "RAT":hammer: FZ1 is also exactly...
  10. Naked Bikes
    I tried to contact Honda corporate to ask the steps required to get the european new919(1000r) over here, but after being put on hold for 40 mins I gave up. You guys know how to go about this. I'm want that thing.:stir:
  11. Naked Bikes
    Find it here:
  12. Motorcycle Discussion
    RC90? I think I would actually spend that money. (Has this thread been started yet)
  13. Naked Bikes
    See below
  14. Naked Bikes Yup, it's the real deal. Not sure if it's cool or not :idunno:
  15. Naked Bikes
    Not sure if this is a repost (apologies if so), but did anyone see the new 2008 CB1000R? and Looks like it's Euro only for now like the new Hornet 600 (of which I saw a few in Italy and Spain...
1-16 of 16 Results