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  1. Naked Bikes
    weird engine noise at low speeds, thought it could be chain. replaced chain and front sprocket, noise is still there. stops when accelerating. Any ideas???
  2. Classifieds
    Hey guys, I just wanted to put these boots up here in case anyone is interested. I still haven't figured out how to put big pictures on here so here's my Craigslist post. $120 OBO Size 11 Alpine Stars Motorcycle boots, waterproof, black leather -Collin
  3. Motorcycle Discussion
    Got an email about htis 30% off coupon code today for Motorcycle Superstore. MotoStance Stands from Motorcycle Superstore
  4. Motorcycle Discussion
    Anybody watching the chase that is on FoxNews right now? I say chase but it is basically a guy riding near 100 in traffic with nothing more than a helicopter filming him.
  5. Motorcycle Discussion
    I'm looking for a new pair of motorcycle stands, rear with spools and a front Triple Tree stand. I don't need a $30,000 pair, I just would like something that works and wont break under a 600lb bike. What can you guys suggest? Thanks!
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Out Of Control Lamborghini Destroys Motorcycle Dealership I can't even begin to imagine the insurance nightmare that this is.
  7. Motorcycle Discussion
    Sorry if this is a repost. I am just curious who has done so, and what their experience was like. Was the bike misrepresented in anyway, did you have to deal with shipping it from across the country, or into another country? Did you get a good deal, or did you do it just to get the bike you...
  8. Rider Meetups
    Just in case anyone is interested…The American Motorcyclist Association hosts its largest event of the year at Mid-Ohio when AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days return on July 20-22. Thousands from across the country flock to the grounds for the continent’s largest motorcycle swap meet, dozens of class...
  9. Motorcycle Discussion
    If anyone in the DFW area ever needs a tow these guys are good. They just picked me up off the side of the road near downtown Dallas. They were there in about 45 mins,which is amazing during rush hour. They have a trailer they roll the bike into and strap it down. Their # is 817-308-9086 Cyclone...
  10. Racing
    This is awesome. =]Fastest motorcycle lap of the Nürburgring. 7m10s BTG Yamaha YZF R1. - YouTube Article =]Watch...
  11. Riding Safety
    I respect the job they do, and this is not a generalization in any way, shape or form. This is purely me venting. Now that the disclaimer is out...geez, I Have come across a few who are a bit arrogant, in their demeanor sure, but also riding habits. Be it sneaking in last second thru...
  12. Riding Gear
    I just did, and it's the first time I realized how "smokey" your clothes get. I could smell it as I was washing it. I do not have "the stink" when I ride, but I guess my clothes get it! It's like smokey dirty water comes off the jacket
  13. Racing
    Went along to the speedway yesterday afternoon. Great entertainment, and a heartening boost for the, ah, more mature sportsperson. Check it out: Motorsport: World champ springs to early lead - Motorsport - NZ Herald News
  14. Classifieds Archive
    Brand New in Package Progressive Supension Motorycle Throttle Grip Brake Lever Lock For Sale. Locks your Throttle Grip and Brake Lever to prevent your bike from theft. Once placed on your motorcycle your motorcycle cannot be moved due to front wheel being locked in place. $40.00 shipped. PM me...
  15. Classifieds Archive
    Like New (Used Once as a Demo for Bike Show) CoverCraft Indoor Form-Fit Motorcycle cover for all Sportbikes comes with storage bag. This items sells for $186.95 PLUS SHIPPING. Asking $120.00 Shipped. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  16. Naked Bikes
    Any recommendations/preferences between a jack or a stand? I need it mainly to replace the chain and sprockets and other general maintenance. From what I have seen, a jack is the same price as a front and rear swingarm stand. Thanks for the input.
  17. Motorcycle Discussion
    Would any of you buy one? I was checking out this site and they had a few nice bikes but had seen some better days, this one was a 2008 Triumph Sprint and had a good amount of road rash(Plastics,forks front wheel) and a broken mirror,brake lever and foot peg. The bike has 1800 miles on it and...
  18. Motorcycle Discussion
    Just for the record.... I never heard of this insurance company, and have no reason to promote it. I got this from a friend in my email and thought it may be interesting to you ppl. It will give a good basis to ppl that ask why you ride...
  19. Multimedia
    Here's a couple shots I took at the Progressive Motorcycle Show yesterday. Lot's of cool bikes, but was really disappointed with Honda's booth. CBR1k, 600, 250, the god awful VFR1200, and other randoms. Boring. The Ducati 1199 was on display, and holy shit, that thing looks like a beast. Was too...
  20. Motorcycle Discussion
    My buddy had a honda shadow 650 sitting in his back yard for the past 5 years. It apparently belong to another friend of ours, so i called steve (the owner) and he said if i want it i can have it. Awesome. Only shitty thing is there is not title. So i gotta get that figured out. Going over...
1-20 of 50 Results