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  1. Riding Gear
    So, I just got a 3/4 helmet for the first time in 15 years. The only other one I had was the quite nasty one that came with the first bike that I purchased, and I pretty much immediately bought a full face Shoei. I currently have a EXO 1000. I really like the EXO, except that it gets quite...
  2. Riding Gear
    So I experimented with one of those fog-free add on stick things (by Oxford). Didn't do much against condensation in the winter so I took it off. It left the glue outlineo and I can't get it off. Anyone know of any solvents or tricks to get it off? I've tried rubbing alcohol to no luck and I...
  3. Motorcycle Discussion
    I picked up a HJC CL-16 the other day to replace my 15 year old Shoei. Returned it the next day after a ride to work and back. It's noisier than riding without a helmet at all. Needless to say, I strapped the Shoei back on. Disintegrating foam and everything. I was interested in the Vega...
  4. Riding Gear
    Can't get the bug guts off my lid. You think I could use Simple Green on a rubberized matte black helmet and not mess anything up?
  5. Motorcycle Discussion
    Has anyone purchased & used the new Nolan N104 motorcycle helmets? Your thoughts on the helmet would be greatly appreciated as I am considereing purchasing one. I currently have the N102 - any comparisons to other modular helmets?
  6. Classifieds Archive
    I won't be needing this anymore. This is a light, comfortable, safe helmet. Comes with 2 sets of cheek pads, and 3 visors- clear, smoked and mirrored. The 3 shields retail for over $150 and are all in good shape. It is a small, BUT, fits closer to the bottom end of mediums, i've only ever owned...
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    When I get a new toy, I get a new helmet to match it (normally along the price bracket of what I bought). So here I am with a little Honda Scooter (79 Express II) just to screw around with, putting a 70cc kit on it and just taking it back and forth to work so I don't have to leave my car...
  8. Riding Gear
    I have a Craft RX1 Cobra and I loaned it to a buddy for a quick test fit. Just as luck would have it, he laid down his bike along with my helmet which still even had that "new car smell". He was totally unharmed but the helmet didn't fair so well. No major damage, just minor surface scratches...
  9. Riding Gear
    Here in Michigan the powers that be have decided that our helmet law needed to be repealed. You are not required to wear a helmet anymore as long as you have the right amount of insurance. I want to know how your insurance company is going to find out you're not wearing a helmet.. I will always...
  10. Classifieds Archive
    I have for sale a HJC FS-3 open face helmet size M. I bought this to use as my auto-xand rally-x helmet. It is DOT & Snell M2005 certified with a completely removable liner and nice ventilation features. I only wore the helmet a few times and it is in mint condition. It includes a peaked visor...
  11. Aftermarket
    What do you all use for a helmet lock? I'd prefer to have one I could attach discreetly to my 919. Thoughts?
  12. Multimedia
    Here's a quick vid of a helmet looking down POV. Creates a weird puppet looking effect... enjoy!
  13. Naked Bikes
    We all like to run what we brung... But let's see those noggin nestlers! Pics are always the best, but at least tell us what you wear and maybe some pros and cons for people looking at new (or new to them) helmets. I'm (still, after some rash) rolling my AFX FX-90 Zombie. Love this thing. Noisy...
  14. Classifieds Archive
    The windscreen came on the bike, its the one from Honda and the PO blacked it out. I like my bike better without it. I'm not sure what they go for so make a reasonable offer. Aftermarket adjustable levers: Were a gift rode with them for 2 weeks and my hands are too big(shortie levers) not sure...
  15. Motorcycle Discussion
  16. Riding Gear
    Amazon has this killer deal that I could not pass up for the price, might be something for you if anyone is looking for one. I've been eyeing these for a while. I'm glad I held off for a little bit. 89.99 Save $100 on the ContourROAM Hands-free HD Camcorder don't forget to use the...
  17. Naked Bikes
    I need help buying a new helmet. I'm fresh from the ADV world. I haven't owned a streetbike since the late 90s. I was looking at helmets and felt overwhelmed. I'm not a trendy person and don't need to have the best of the best. I'm more of a function over beauty kind of guy. What are most people...
  18. Riding Gear
    I have been looking at these helmets for a while, but have never found one in a local shop to try on for size. Found a deal that was too good to pass up at Motorcycle Closeouts. They were advertised as paint blemish models for $199 with a free dark smoke shield (normally and extra $40). Even...
  19. Motorcycle Discussion
    Are they any good? How do they compare to something like a HJC? .
  20. Multimedia
    If you have access to the amazon deals app or site, they have a ContourHD 1080p helmet cam for 90 dollars. Apparently it retails for 200 something so some of you may want to jup on that quick as it seems to have good reviews.
1-20 of 37 Results