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  1. Naked Bikes
    Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. Is it possible to mount a single centered under seat exhaust on a 919? The only example I’ve found is this video, which sounds like a 2-stroke. Is there enough clearance with the tyre to mount a stubby can, or a flat oval like the 636 has? Or does the...
  2. Classifieds Archive
    The Sato exhaust off my 9er is up for sale. VERY hesitant to sell, but the boss (girlfriend) isn't as big a fan of them and since I think she's a peach, they've got to go. She thinks they're too loud. To me they sound perfect. Like a lion wearing an American flag cape, roaring as it tears apart...
  3. Naked Bikes
    I was thinking of powder coating the stock exhaust shields on the 9'r. Since I can put my hand on them after riding, I figure they won't get hot enough to make the powder coating "gooie". I'm afraid high temp paint may not look very good. If anyones tryed any of this, please post some pics. Thanks!
  4. Want to Buy
    Does anyone have one laying around?
  5. Want to Buy
    or stock exhaust that have had the baffelectomy. I'd like to hear a 919 without the baffles. I've noticed my stock 919 scares every animal in the woods off, except deer. I hit a deer in my 4Runner last week, and I'd almost run straight pipes to keep from hitting one on my bike. 50 mph, 250 lb...
  6. Want to Buy
    Hey guys, So, I used to have yoshi's on my 04 9er a few years ago. I loved them (too much). When I recently picked up my 02 9er, I was convinced these were the only ones for me. But after hearing the D&D's, satos, even delks, I am convinced that I don't necessarily need yoshi's So anyway, just...
  7. Motorcycle Discussion
    Hello, I am open to the idea of getting an aftermarket exhaust for my 2007 919, however I really like the stainless steel heat shields built in to the stock exhaust. Not only do I like the look, but on the occasion where I give a passenger a ride it gives me comfort to know if they...
  8. Aftermarket
    Looking for quality and sound. I have had my 2006 919 for a week and it is way too quiet. I am looking to spend no more than 800. Would appreciate some suggestions. I am leaning toward yoshi carbons.
  9. Classifieds Archive
    They are both off my working bike, I took them off to save gas awhile back and never reinstalled them. They are both in excellent condition. I'll sell both for $750. If separate, the pipes for $600, commander for $200, shipped to your door. PM me if interested!
  10. Classifieds Archive
    Hello, I have a like new pair of Staintune exhaust slip ons (with removable baffles). I bought them off Ebay about a month ago for my new to me (2 months) 06' 919. They sound great, but I have decided to part with the bike as it's not for me :sad:. I'm putting the stock exhaust back on, and...
  11. Classifieds
    Totaled the 919 a couple of weeks ago. Insurance took everything and now I'm left with the stock cans that I had stored away after getting my yosh slip ons. Make an offer if interested. I'll check here periodic and will post pictures later.
  12. Mechanical and Technical
    I've been wondering if I can mod the stock header and collector into something like Buell had centralized under the bike or close to it. I don't have a Tig welder (only mig) so I would have to farm out the fabrication. Thoughts?
  13. Aftermarket
    Hay guys, Been a while... had a great vacation w/ my kids back to the mid-west followed by the suicide of my roommate a week after we returned. :laugh: followed by :sad: Anyways, fig I would preview my newest piece. I actually ran across it on CL (addicted to that shit I think) and have...
  14. Mechanical and Technical
    Had the bike backed up against a wall and noticed that I got a bit of splatter on the wall from the pipes when idling/revving. Unburnt gas? Oil, maybe? Anyone else get this?
  15. Classifieds Archive
    Hello All, I have a like new Screaming Demon Slip -on Exhaust (made In Australia) for sale that was fitted on my bike and only ridden for 10 miles before I took it off and sold the bike because the buyer wanted the OEM Exhaust on Bike. This exhaust cost over $450.00 shipped new. Asking $250.00...
  16. Naked Bikes
    Hey guys. I really like how the tail looks on the 919 with the low mount or 900rr exhaust. I started eyeballing my stock exhaust and noticed that a supertrapp disc exhaust would fit on the end of the stock header where the Y pipe connects perfectly. Link to exhaust-->...
  17. Mechanical and Technical
    I'm wanting to fit an aftermarket set of slip-on exhaust cans to my 06 Honda 900 hornet (919). I've been looking at all the usual suspects, Yoshimura, Sato etc & I've also heard some good reports about Delkevic. Any suggestions leading from your experiences would be very much appreciated. Gary
  18. Naked Bikes
    Has anyone ever removed the baffle in the stock exhaust of a Honda 599? If so, would you mind giving a detailed description of how to do it. I have tried doing a search, but all I keep finding is a Bafflectomy for a Honda 919. I am not sure if they use the same procedure or not. I have...
  19. Aftermarket
    Anyone ever used a Delkevic exhaust on there 919 or had them in the past? How are they
  20. Mechanical and Technical
    Hi, Do you guys know if that would fit? I know the OEM exhaust system from the 900rr fits easily on the 919 (I've done it twice on 2 different bikes) but was wondering if this aftermarket full system has the same "curve pattern" than the OEM. I have the opportunity to grab one from a 1999 cbr...
1-20 of 131 Results