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  1. Aftermarket
    Would anybody want to try a group by like these guys did? The light looks really awesome from what I've seen on this thread. GROUP BUY: CUSTOM LED INTERGRATED TAIL LIGHT
  2. Naked Bikes
    I've been thinking about attempting to construct some custom carbon fiber parts for my bike. Though I'm a little unsure where to start. I've watched a few DIY videos from youtube, but there are still some neutral areas that I can't quite figure out. I. What type of epoxy/resin should I use...
  3. Aftermarket
    Over the weekend my 24 led strips came in the mail after a month from venturing across the pond. Here's a link to what I bought- 24 LED Strip Under Car Grill Light Flexible Lamp Amber | eBay and looked like this- My bike came with the Clear Alternatives integrated rear tail light, and even...
  4. Aftermarket
    I'm new here, and I did perform the all important search before posting. Currently considering purchasing a 919. Not a huge fan of wind....I currently ride a Shadow spirit 750. My question is if anyone has seen a 919 done up with full fairing (not just head lamp stuff)? I'd greatly...
  5. Aftermarket
    Hello All! It's been a while since I've been here; new job and new baby have a way of keeping me busy. Luckily my new job lets me be at home more without a cut in pay... the new baby makes sure that money and time are spent at HIS discretion! To the idea: In one of the rare moments (~an hour)...
  6. Aftermarket
    last weekend, I took the 9er out for it's maiden "long expedition" (3 day getaway). I covered over 1400 miles in southern MN and all across WI to milwaukee and then back to the dakotas. In preparation for this event, I rigged up a closed cell, medium density custom foam pad wrapped in non-slip...
1-6 of 6 Results