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  1. Naked Bikes
  2. Motorcycle Discussion
    So tell me about the CB1000R and how it would compare to my 2006 919.
  3. Naked Bikes
    Have any one installed the 2010/2011 CB1000R handle bar? It seems like it is a good option for the 919...
  4. Naked Bikes
    Hey all, I just got a couple more new fancy bits to show off. This link has a stock photo & a couple more with Rizoma bits for comparison. Here are the new pics: The DPM hugger Hugger with solo tail & passanger pegs...
  5. Naked Bikes
    So i pick her up this weekend. I'm looking for suggestions on a crank case cage and sliders and mirrors. I have seen lots of great stuff from Rizoma - is there anywhere else i should be looking? Also i cant seem to find a full exhaust system on the Internet. I'm open to suggestions for mods to...
  6. New Member Introductions
    I bought my first bike back in August and put about 2500 miles on it so far. I kind of did an impulse buy one day and got the CB1000R but it has turned out to be a great bike. I drive about 150 miles a day for my job as a market manager and have used and plan on using my bike again for work at...
  7. Naked Bikes
    919 vs CB1000R: The Showdown Now before I get into the numbers comparison, i do want to acknowledge there are subjective factors for choosing any given bike over any other despite performance numbers and so forth. CB1000R: ~108 hp (rear wheel), 64ft-lbs of torque, 485lbs curb weight 919...
  8. Naked Bikes
    Any one plan to put the CB1000R handle bar on the 919? It is 28mm at the clamp areas, and Honda does put bar end weights on it.
  9. Naked Bikes
    The following images have been unashamedly stolen by me from a New Zealand motorcycle forum for your viewing. Custom paint on a NZ owners CB1r, and a tasty looking Yoshi. More to come apparently as his mods will continue. :clap: Maybe something to inspire those of you trying to decide if...
  10. Naked Bikes
    2011 Honda CB1000R They said But under the rear set a two sets of soft hooks which can hook a bag to
  11. Naked Bikes
    So....I sold my blue and yellow 919/945 about a month ago....And upgraded. Been kinda lazy posting about it. Installed an Akroprovic full open, PC5, Shorai battery, integrated tail light and made a tidy tail. Dropped 24lbs (used race car scales). She is incredible. More power than my bike with...
  12. Naked Bikes
    Just put these on this weekend. My fiancée got me the tail tidy for my birthday & I ordered the rest on-line Stock rear end Tail tidy & light Light on Side view Pazzos Tail with plate Full view
  13. Naked Bikes
    Heres the pic I said I would post of the gauge cluster @ night I :wub: them
  14. Naked Bikes
    Picked up my new CB1000r today. It arrived at the dealership Thursday. Had 3 miles on the clock. Here are a couple of pics. [/IMG] [/IMG] Number 140 of the 500 in the US. Brief first impressions it seams really high, higher than the 9er. Suspension feels really soft but I think the dealer...
  15. Naked Bikes
    I recentely completed the instalation of an Ixil hyperlow silencer and leo vince link pipe on my 919. Both peices were made for a cb1000r. The set up saved me and estimated 20-25 lbs. Some modifications were needed to make this work as you can imagine. I have included some pics of the exhaust...
  16. Naked Bikes
    I ask before if any one has rode the cb1000r.How much better than the 919.I got A 02.I bought it new,change the rear shock,power commander,full pipe,rear sets,etc..It will run to rev limiter in high gear.But im board with it.It wont suprise me any more..My buddy has the fz1,and it runs good.In...
  17. Motorcycle Discussion
    has anybody rode the bike.Does it pull harder than the 919.
  18. Naked Bikes
    The 919 lasted 5 years, 2002 to 2007, with the CB1000R being released in 2007. Seeing that its the CB1R's fourth year this year, I wonder if we'll see the next new naked released (even if at first in Europe only) next year?
  19. Naked Bikes
    Login | Facebook Not on the website yet but here it is on FB. That's a price I think most of us can wrap our heads around.
  20. Naked Bikes
    I work at a honda dealership the CB1000R will be here in the states for 2011 along with the cbr250r
1-20 of 34 Results