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  1. Motorcycle Discussion
    will removing or plugging the pair valves fix this?
  2. Naked Bikes
    Has anyone ever removed the baffle in the stock exhaust of a Honda 599? If so, would you mind giving a detailed description of how to do it. I have tried doing a search, but all I keep finding is a Bafflectomy for a Honda 919. I am not sure if they use the same procedure or not. I have...
  3. Naked Bikes
    I have a '06 919 K&N airfilter with stock pipes. Should I do a bafflectomy or should I keep the stock pipes unmolested? Don't have the funds for PC and expensive exhaust. Could swing some $300 chinese imports later this spring. My house has been a money pit lately.
  4. Naked Bikes
    I'm creating this thread as a walk through for those of you that would like to perform a "Bafflectomy" on your Honda 919. It is a very straight forward and simple modification that opens the exhaust note up as well as give the rider a better "feel" for the bike due to the restrictive nature of...
  5. Naked Bikes
    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as far as how to perform a bafflectomy on the 919. I see that there was a walk through but the link is dead now. I also saw that there is a text walk through, but I am looking for a detailed, pictured, tutorial if...
  6. Naked Bikes
    Figured since I'm doing so much other work I might as well sell these to get some scratch toward new cans. Selling the mufflers and covers. Left cover is scuffed from my recent spill but can be buffed out and/or powder coated to make it your own. PM with questions. Asking $150 plus shipping...
  7. Classifieds Archive
    I have a set of stock bafflectomy exhaust cans missing rubber mounting bits and the right side can has a small dent from previous owner. I also have a stock tail light lense, grab handle, stock calipers loaded with dp pads only 1000 miles on pads. Also my smoked led flush mounts turn signals and...
  8. Motorcycle Discussion
    So.... After putting about 350 miles on my 9er I absolutely love it... BUT I can't hear the awesome exhaust note above about 30 mph. I really, really like to hear the engine's music. I can't swing cans until maybe the middle-end of the summer (wife is still a little touchy about the koso set...
  9. Naked Bikes
    Anyone know how to do the bafflectomy? got pictures of during the process and what you used? Ive seen links to the project919 site but that site is not working. thanks!
  10. Naked Bikes
    okay, I hate to make a new thread....but I don;t want to mess up my exhuast either, so here goes: In mister mikes write-up on bafflectomy, how in the *$%# do you get the center pipe out? I am going the 2nd route of using a one inch socket. Am I supposed hit the socket sideways, causing the...
  11. Naked Bikes
    Well I did it. At least after going through 2 batteries and nuking a 14.4v skil drill. Oh and a couple of tall boy budweisers. It took me 2 hours... waiting for batteries to charge up in all. I really do like the rumble at idle even if it sounds slightly muffled, but at 4-6k it's fun fun fun...
  12. Naked Bikes
    Well, after about a week of owning my new 919, I love it!!! The only complaint I have so far is that the exhaust note is kind of wimpy. I am not ready to go out and buy an aftermarket exhaust at this point, so i am looking for something cheap (free) to give me a little more agressive sound. I...
1-12 of 12 Results